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Executive Wellness: Why You Should Care

Business owners often take executive wellness for granted. They may not see the importance of investing in their executives' health until it's too late. As a business owner, you need to consider the risk ignoring executive wellbeing places on your business.

The Heart Foundation of South Africa provides some sobering statistics that offer you a glimpse into the potential state of your executives' health. A report published in 2016 found the following:

These spine-tingling statistics should encourage you to take a long, hard look at how these chronic illnesses affect your business and your executives' quality of life. Taking action in the form of regular executive medicals and holistic corporate wellness programs should be at the top of your to-do list.

Let's take a look at what executive wellness is and why you should be taking action today to prevent the catastrophic effect unhealthy executives can have on your business.

The important of corporate wellness programs

What is Executive Wellness?

Executive wellness refers to the common health risks that may exist within your workforce. These include chronic diseases, mental health concerns, and diseases caused by poor lifestyle habits such as obesity or smoking.

Executive wellness programs aim to promote healthy lifestyle habits and improve the overall health of your employees. These programs may include regular health checks, educational sessions on chronic disease prevention, ongoing management programmes and fitness challenges.

Why is Executive Wellness Important?

The statistics from the Heart Foundation are a stark reminder of why exec wellness is so important. Businesses need to take action to prevent the devastating effects chronic disease can have on their staff and their bottom line.

Corporate wellness plays a vital role in your executives’ productivity and, ultimately, the success of your business. Employees' mental health and well-being are critical for maintaining employee engagement, the ability to adapt to change, motivation, and creativity.

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What are the consequences of ignoring executive wellness?

You need to consider the cost and the risk undetected and untreated chronic illnesses, mental health concerns and disease of lifestyle pose to your business. The corporate environment is stressful, and with executives working long hours under extreme pressure, it's easy to see that poor executive wellness is creating a ticking time bomb.

Here are 5 ways poor executive wellness can negatively impact your business:

Implementing an employee wellness program among your executive team is the simplest way to mitigate these risks. ExecCare offers a holistic and comprehensive solution that will test, diagnose, treat and manage all chronic health issues within your executive team.

Why choose ExecCare?

Now that you are aware of the risks associated with ignoring underlying chronic illnesses and the effects they will have on your executives and your bottom line, you need to find an effective solution. That's where ExecCare comes in.

ExecCare offers a state-of-the-art health and wellness facility where you can bring your executive team for a comprehensive wellbeing assessment. Our in-house executive wellness programs give your executives access to a wide variety of health care professionals to help them diagnose, treat and manage their individual health concerns.

We offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness services that includes advice on healthy living from qualified dieticians and tailor-made exercise programmes from our exercise specialists. These measures will help your executives make better choices regarding their health and wellness and ultimately help prevent severe illness and premature death.

ExecCare places a strong focus on mental health, and our executive wellness program includes personal mastery and stress management techniques. Your executives will have access to our wellness facility where they can relax, recharge and get their heads back in the game.

We will provide you with valuable yet confidential analytics about your executive team so you can assess the risk chronic illnesses pose to your bottom line and keep a close eye on the effectiveness of your corporate wellness program.

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Final Thoughts

Executive wellness is a critical part of any business. By implementing an executive wellness program, you can mitigate the risks associated with poor health among your executives. ExecCare offers a simple and effective solution that will help you manage chronic health issues within your team.

Contact ExecCare today to book your team in for an executive wellness assessment.

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