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Your biggest assets or your biggest assumption?

Is Poor Health Holding You Back?

Out of 10 000 executives seen through our state of the art facility we noted:
Are pathologically stressed
Suffer from depression
Are obese
Are overweight
Don't exercise
Have high cholesterol

How can execCare Help?

Know the impact of having a great corporate wellness program
Stress Management Programmes
Personal Mastery 
Blood tests & 
ongoing check-ups
Personalised Exercise Programmes
Insightful Medical 

Why is Exec|Care uniquely different to other
executive assessment programmes?

Apart from uncompromising high standards in each element of the overall assessment, we are unique in the manner in which we have combined the following executive wellness elements
The always-on, always-connected business environment executives work in means that their health and wellness often takes a back seat. That’s where ExecCare comes in.
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Customer Testimonials

“Very professional, direct but not intrusive, and a wonderful atmosphere. Commendable team effort.”
Chief Financial Director
"Great experience, very well worth the time."
Bank Executive
"Probably the best assessment I have been through."
C Suite Executive

Scale Greater Heights
With a Healthy Workforce

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Introducing Our Team

The ExecCare team seeks to reduce the anxiety associated with this appointment by removing the risks associated with traditional executive care programmes.
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