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Exec|Care has three standard packages available. Importantly, should specific outcomes or considerations be a priority, the programme can be altered to suit the needs and the wellness strategy of the client.


A comprehensive wellbeing assessment that includes the combined expertise of a biokinetics, medical doctor, qualified dietitian, exercise physiologist, work management consultant, and therapeutic massage specialist.


The Exec|Care Lifestyle Risk programme is a comprehensive wellbeing assessment with professionals who are experienced in executive wellbeing including a biokinetics, medical doctor, and exercise physiologist.


The assessment is designed for high performing executives who are also athletes or aspiring athletes. The package combines the expertise of sports scientists, exercise physiologists, and sports nutritionists with the Exec|Care multidisciplinary approach to ensure that the executive athlete achieves their exercise aspirations and goals.

Other Services

Expat medicals

Spouse health programmes

Tailored programmes for female executives

Travel advisory services

PA health programmes

Insurance and group life medicals

Why is Exec|Care uniquely different to other
executive assessment programmes?

Apart from uncompromising high standards in each element of the overall assessment, we are unique in the manner in which we have combined the following executive wellness elements
The always-on, always-connected business environment executives work in means that their health and wellness often takes a back seat. That’s where ExecCare comes in.

“An annual check-up saved my Life.”

“l woke up on Sunday feeling dreadful. | was perspiring heavily and feeling rather weak. On the Monday | was still not feeling 100% but luckily the next day | had my annual check-up with Exec|Care. During my check-up, the biokineticist did an electro- cardiogram (ECG) and noticed that my heart rate was very erratic.

He asked if | wouldn’t mind if he called for a second opinion – it’s one of the advantages of Exec|Care, having all these medical experts under one roof. The Exec|Care doctor agreed that my ECG was concerning and arranged for me to see a cardiologist that day.

What the team at Exec|Care had picked up was the Coxsackie virus, which can sometimes lead to organ damage. In my case, it caused myocarditis. | was incredibly fortunate that it was detected so early – often it is only detected when patients have already gone into heart failure.

If it wasn’t for the check-up, | would have just carried on the way | was, which would most likely have resulted in heart failure.”
Bank Executive
Interesting Company, Inc.
“Very professional, direct but not intrusive, and a wonderful atmosphere. Commendable team effort.”
Chief Financial Director
An excellent facility with superb personnel and wow service! Thank You.
C Suite Executive
"Great experience, very well worth the time."
Bank Executive
“Informative with medical suggestions i can put into action.”
Bank Executive
“It was a quantum leap in experience to previous executive health check-ups that i have had.”
Bank Executive
"The experience has been amazing. Enjoyed the personalised touch to everything"
"Very friendly and professional staff and insightful sessions."
"A truly amazing experience...my expectations were met. Thank you"
"Wonderful experience again. Everything is managed ai efficiently and will absolute professionalism and friendliness"
Standard Bank
"My experience was good, your place is clean and homely. The food was delicious. The staff is friendly, professional and experts."
Standard Bank
"This was most certainly a "Wow" experience for me and undoubtedly it seems that all staff including the professionals were hand picked. They were amazing . Well done to the Team"
Standard Bank
"Super well organized and every person I engaged with was so wonderful. Incredible experience,
thank you!"
"Excellently facilitated thank you."
Standard Bank
"Exceptional service. It was my first time at this particular facility and I was impressed by the
"It is great to spend a day out to do all assessments. I found the Managerial and Lifestyle Consultation even more valuable. This consultation should be done twice a year"
"Wonderful caring people! Thank you so much for the care "
"The staff is super professional and caring. I left there energised and ready to face the world, I did not feel like that when I woke up this morning.

God Bless you All"
Standard Bank
"The staff are professional, accommodating and very friendly. They create a comfortable and safe environment, throughout the whole experience."
"Excellent organisation and professional service. Great experience overall. Thank you."
"Great facilities, beautiful experience."
Standard Bank
"This was a great experience as usual and the new facilities are lovely."
"Very organized and professional with expert consultants."
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful"
Standard Bank
"Overall great experience and excellent service"
"Thank you!! Always excellent!"
"An extremely pleasant experience and very professional."
"Excellent service and experience"
"Excellent experience overall, thank you so much!"
"Everything for me was top service and comfortable"
"The whole process was smooth and everyone professional as well as knowledgeable."
"Overall very good including record keeping from past visits."

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