Dispelling The Time Management Myth

Time Management is a Myth and it's holding you back more than you think!

In this webinar we unpack how to use your physical and mental state to leverage your energy and escape the time management and balance trap.

Dr. Jedd Myers is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a diverse background across many different businesses. After earning his medical degree, he ventured into the commercial healthcare sector, driven by a desire to create and implement large-scale healthcare initiatives that could positively impact countless lives. Jedd's expertise in healthcare, coupled with his MBA, extensive commercial insights, and experience across multiple healthcare systems, has been instrumental in realizing his strategic vision.

Jedd's passion for healthcare and its profound impact on employees, businesses, and economies is truly evident. As a devoted advocate, he places great importance on personal health and fitness, having achieved remarkable feats as an endurance sportsman, including completing numerous ultra marathons, cycle events, and six IronMan Triathlons. Jedd's exceptional ability to leverage and compound his energy levels has enabled him to tackle the demanding challenges posed by his various roles.

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